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Scent Of A Man

Apr 20, 2017

When you can’t think of anything to buy for your husband, boyfriend, or son back home, perfumes are the best and safest bet. After all, these fragrances are economical, handy and can last a lifetime – well, almost a lifetime. They also come in cute, little packages that show off our individuality.


So to get you started, we have rounded up 6 of the most alluring fragrances – for under $100, – that your man can use to make you swoon.


Bulgari Blu ($83)


If your husband likes to smell fresh and young, you might want him to try one of Italy’s best perfumes, the Bulgari Blu for men EDT (100ml) that brings out a child-like atmosphere. That’s right this masculine Eau de Toilette offers seduction like no other. You can have your choice of icy cold or luxurious warm, ideal for the type of setting you and your hubby want to indulge in.


CK Be ($82)


You can never go wrong with Calvin Klein. Not only is this brand popular, but the scent exudes an aromatic flavour. Among its natural compositions include jasmine, orchid, freesia, magnolia with a fresh hint of peach and when mixed together, brings out a starkly elegance. Your man would surely love this scent, and you even more.


Clinique Happy ($64.50)


Imagine lounging around in a snowy mountain top with a breath of fresh air in your face. This is what makes Clinique Happy different from the rest. Airy, breezy and a tad bit of cool and crisp, this perfume for men is a refreshing scent. Its long-lasting citrus smell can shield him all day long from unwanted fragrances such as dust, sweat and smoke. Wear it, and as the brand says, be happy.


Estee Lauder Pleasures for men ($43)


Welcome the warmth and feel the vibe, Estee Lauder Pleasures for men pleasures men in ways indescribable. Much like some of the perfumes in this list, its citrus and masculine scent and herbs with rich spices can offer a sweet and strong kind of smell. By wearing such perfume, you can be sure of how he can pleasure you. This is a refreshing one indeed.


Acqua di Gio (Eau de Toilette) ($55)


A combination of different kinds of aromas such as lime, mandarin orange, jasmine and neroli, Acqua di Gio has a sweet and fresh enough scent that can definitely attract the opposite sex – which you can even borrow from him. This perfume is an ideal collection to he brand since it has all the flavours he may want.

Terre d’Hermes (Eau de Toilette or Perfume) ($55)


With just a sniff of its peppercorn, you can be sure that Terre d’Hermes is not just your average perfume simply because the scent is timeless and non-fleeting. Plus, Terre originates from France, a French brand, so you are guaranteed to deliver a romantic scent. With this type of perfume, love is in the corner, obviously.


With these 6 new fragrances and scents, you are sure to share a part of yourself with your loved one, guaranteed. For exclusive deals on these top-of-the line perfumes, visit the Duty Free Philippines Fiesta Mall, and make that pasalubong worth remembering.