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How to lose your beer belly with Chocolates

Apr 20, 2017

Love booze? No wonder you’ve been itching to get rid of that beer belly fat. Well, you’re not alone.

Are you in that constant cycle of wanting to get in your best shape? No need to worry because aside from your effort in hitting the gym and doing interval trainings, running and biking for cardio; you’ve got another partner in getting rid of those unwanted flabs. You’ll never look at dark chocolates the same way again! Here’s some useful information on how you can lose the excess inches on your waist.

First things first, before we dig deep into chocolates playing a vital role in shaping that tummy of yours, make sure to do the basics.

If you want results you may want to consider shifting to a healthier lifestyle by having enough rest/sleep to avoid binge eating.


Don’t forget to also eat balanced and nutritious meals every day. Explore an active lifestyle where you get to burn the calories away. It definitely starts with building the habit and eventually you’ll see the results.

Now back to chocolates and its wonders. Surprisingly, over the past years, experts have been examining the benefits of dark chocolate. The presence of “flavonoid” a pythochemical found in cacao makes all the difference. Dark chocolates especially those made up of 70 percent cacao does the magic.

Feel Full, Eat Less

Digestion plays a crucial role in losing the weight. It was found out through one study published in Science Daily that dark chocolates aid in slow digestion which makes the person feel full for a longer period of time. As an effect, this may curb your calories by as much as 15% during your meal. As a result, you eat less without the feeling of “depriving” yourself. Isn’t that cool?

Boost your Metabolism

Metabolism is the process in which our bodies break down our food and drink intake and convert these into energy. Journal of Proteome Research reported that dark chocolate affects metabolism positively. Monounsaturated fats (MUFAs) found in dark chocolate boosts metabolism which stimulates your body to burn fat. More fats burned especially on the tummy area will help you get that beach bod just in time for summer!

Crave no More

Blame it on the extra bag of chips you ate past midnight. Cravings always screw up what seemed to be a day you almost “ate clean”. Meaning, you followed a healthy and balanced diet strictly then was tempted to cheat before the day ended. Dark chocolates help lessen  cravings for foods packed with sugar, salt and fat. What a great way to support you in your crunch time to lose those unwanted fats.

Prevents Insulin Resistance

When your body is resistant to insulin, your cells usually go to starvation mode. When this happens, you gain more weight. Proven by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, dark chocolate doesn’t stimulate insulin resistance that can lead to diabetes. This is like hitting two birds with one stone. You get to protect your body from the dreadful risk of diabetes and prevent yourself from undergoing “starvation mode” that triggers unnecessary eating. This helps you stick to your diet as planned.

Losing the unwanted beer belly doesn’t have to be a gruesome process. You don’t have to overcompensate by doing ridiculous diet schemes and eating almost nothing. Moreover, you can still keep eating delicious treats by adding dark chocolate to your meals. Take advantage of dark chocolate’s antioxidants and high fiber content and squeeze in this amazing dessert in your healthy food list. As you shop for treats, it is very important to look where you can find a wide range of selections. Drop by the nearest Duty Free outlet and grab a bunch of this healthy treat for you and the rest of your family! Big chocolate bundles are available and are perfect for your summer pasalubong J Go grab chocolates now and lose that beer belly with your new best snack. Cheers to the wonders of dark chocolates!




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