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Have Fun With Leather

Apr 20, 2017

Gone are the days when leather was just for bad boys and bikers. Today leather pieces are often used as a fashion statement, worn by anyone at any age. Your family back home can surely benefit from these leather pieces as they can bring out the fun and quirky side of their personality. Plus wearing such fabric can have an artista-feel.


Here are some ways to get that artista look with leather pieces.


Wear leather fit for the body type. Leather can sometimes be form-fitting and clingy which sometimes makes it hard for some people to wear. Avoid leather legging and leather dresses as they sometimes direct attention to your stomach. But for your son or daughter who wants to wear leather jackets – especially those Gucci leather jackets – drape it around their upper body to create a vintage feel.


Pick one or two pieces to wear. Don’t clothe yourselves from head to toe with leather – unless you are Olivia Newton-John from Grease. Instead you can choose either a letter pant or a leather jacket, depending on your style and mood. Ralph Lauren offers you a different twist to your every day feels. Choose from a variety such as a biker jacket or a safari jacket, good and ideal to bring back home.


Accessorize with leather. If you don’t want to take too much risk wearing your leather outfit, accessorize with a leather boot to go with your pants, for instance. Guess offers sweet and genuine leather boots and a modern high-top design that’s ideal whether you want to dress down or to feel glamorous. Ferragamo, on the other hand, also provides leather bags for both men and women so you can bet that your leather pieces are always on high fashion.


Contrast the leather with another fabric. When buying and wearing a Bally leather bomber jacket, for instance, have on a brown or a black corduroy pant. For your women back home, they can wear leather with a linen sheath dress or their choice of blouse or dress pants. Whatever the case may be, avoid buying and wearing leather with a similar fabric such as a sheepskin.


Go for classic and cute. When all else fails and you don’t know which leather to buy for your loved one, choose the ones that are normally worn by others. You can never go wrong with coats and jackets by Ralph Lauren as they make every man and woman in-style. You can opt for a leather trucker jacket or a biker one, a full-zip jacket or not.


Mix traditional with modern leather. Wearing leather may be a thing of the past but to go with the trend nowadays, mix your suit up with something from the 2000s. Versace has jackets and coats for men and combine them up with your normal and ordinary shoes, loafers or even some cool sandals. You can also wear your hooded leather jacket from Versace with brightly-coloured pants.


Wear some leather mini. When in doubt, grab hold of that tiny leather-mini out of your closet. Temper it with the most daring accessory, coat or top and wear it with some ankle boots and a blank tank.


Buying leather pieces for your loved ones back home will surely bring smiles to their lips. Make sure to bring them these as your pasalubongs as you visit the Duty Free Philippines Fiesta Mall.