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10 Reasons Why Chocolates are healthy

Apr 20, 2017

Yes! They are not always the culprit of the added inches in our belly. As everyone’s preparing to shed off some fats, this also means cutting some chocolates from the diet.

Well let me tell you dear chocolate lovers, you’ll never look at chocolates the same way again! Time to unravel deep uncovered truths about our sweet tooth favourite; here are 10 reasons why chocolates are healthy.

  1. Chocolate does wonders for the preggy mommy

A study presented at the 2016 Pregnancy Meeting of the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine in Atlanta, GA suggested that consumption of 30 grams chocolate for soon to be moms showed a positive impact on their baby’s growth and development inside the womb.


  1. Chocolate lowers cholesterol and blood pressure

Cocoa beans found in chocolates are good sources of flavonoids. These flavonoids are pythochemicals found in chocolates especially in dark chocolates. Flavonoids are proven to have health benefits because of its anti inflammatory and antioxidant capacity. In a study from the Science Daily; the results indicated plant sterols and cocoa flavonols partnered with low carb diet contributed to lowered cholesterol and blood pressure among subjects.


  1. No memory gap for the chocolate lover!

Regular blood flow is the key for the brain to function more actively. Harvard Medical School scientists suggested that drinking hot chocolate can improve blood flow to the part of the brain responsible for memory retention. In fact, it was suggested that it be taken at least twice a day especially for elderly.

So keep up the habit of drinking your favourite hot chocolate every morning and never worry about being forgetful courtesy of this new found memory booster!


  1. Love your heart by eating chocolates!

One of the most feared illnesses to date are heart diseases. Thus, people are shifting to healthier lifestyles and activities to reduce the rate of acquiring the illness. Good news for everyone, in a research presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress in Paris; levels of chocolate consumption were found to be associated with a substantial reduction in the risk of cardiometabolic disorders. This work, published in the BMJ, showed observable data that concluded how chocolates are actually capable of reducing the risk of developing heart diseases.   So keep loving chocolates because it is surprisingly good for your heart!


  1. Chocolates lower the risk for strokes

Keeping chocolates in your diet also lowers your risk for a stroke. Published in the journal Heart in 2015, a study on 25,000 men and women produced findings that consuming up to 100 grams of chocolate each day was somehow linked to a lower risk for heart diseases and strokes.


  1. Keep your glowing skin with chocolates!

Presence of flavonoids found in chocolates has antioxidants. Hence, this makes chocolates contribute to making your skin smooth and glowing.


  1. Boost your fitness performance with chocolates

Contrary to popular belief that you can’t mix indulging in chocolates and being fit; research published in The Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition proved the opposite. Results showed how dark chocolate might improve performance in fitness training. So you might want to grab a bite of this treat before hitting the gym next time.


  1. Chocolates reduce the risk for diabetes

In a study of 1,153 subjects who participated at the Observation of Cardiovascular Risk in Luxemberg (ORISCAV-LUX), it was summed up that those who consumed chocolates eventually had lower levels of insulin resistance and better liver enzyme profiles.


  1. Look younger as you indulge with chocolates

Yep, you heard it right. In the same study at the Observation of Cardiovascular Risk in Luxemberg (ORISCAV-LUX), participants with consistent chocolate intake appeared to look younger and more active.


  1. Chocolates and being smart

Cognitive functions are brain activities that lead to knowledge including all means and mechanisms of acquiring information. A study published in the journal Appetite suggested that eating chocolate at least once week has the potential to improve cognitive function. So if you want to acquire information and ensure its retention, have chocolates by your side and be even smarter!

It was surprising to know how chocolates have actually been proven and tested to be healthy. Of course, with moderate intake and with a certain level of discipline considering that it still has calories and sugar in it. Now I’m sure all of you are pumped to keep this favorite within your diet without the guilt. Head on to Duty Free Philippines for a wide selection of yummy and healthy chocolate treats. Perfect pasalubong for your fambam!




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